What is Drag Boat Racing?
Drag Boat Racing is a quarter mile contest between two boats specifically designed for high-speed straight line racing. These
boats begin on a slight rolling start and progress down the track at speeds up to 250 mph. Drag Boats are divided into two
categories, one for professional boats, and one for elapsed time (E.T.) bracket boats. The professional boats race on a heads-up
format, competing for all-out speed and elapsed time.  The E.T. boats run an elapsed time format and can only run as quick their
class allows. If they run quicker that their allotted elapsed time, that is called breaking-out and that disqualifies the boat from
further competition.
Drag Boat Racing is a growing Sport that has spread across the United States.  Its roots began on the lakes and rivers of
California.  The sport migrated to Texas in the early sixties and lead to the birth of sanctioning bodies that are committed to
educate its potential spectators, establish rules that govern competitions, adopt and enforce strict safety standards.  Boat
counts at these events can exceed 180 and generally average from 120 to 150 per event. Boat racing is unique in that
spectators are allowed in the pit area, which enable them to get a close-up view of the equipment, drivers and their crew.
The teams are mostly made up of family members and friends who welcome spectators with open arms, they love to show
off their boats and to talk about this very exciting sport.
What is A Drag Boat?
There are three basic hull designs in Drag Boat Racing. The first type is called a hydroplane, which is a three point design that
allows air to pass under the boat. A hydro burning nitro fuel can generate speeds in excess of 250 mph. The second type is called
a flatbottom,
this hull is basically flat on the bottom with small air tunnels to pass air out the back of the boat. Flatbottoms,
burning alcohol can reach speeds in excess of 170 mph.  The third hull design called a jet boat, which scoops water up and
squirts it out the back by means of specially designed pump.  Jet Boats can reach speed in excess of 140 mph.  Each of
these hull designs are set up for quarter mile, straight line, side by side racing. Drag Boats are powered by aftermarket
automotive racing engines that can develop as much a 5000 horsepower in the professional classes.  Boats are designed
for a specific class that is governed by the sanctioning organization, and must adhere to the rules at all times. Each entry
must pass a rigorous inspection for both safety and compliance with class rules. Outboard racing is also part of our sport.