January 1964, Clem, Mary Helen and Bernie Iven were moving to Houston from  
California where Clem saw a sign advertising Drag Boat races.  Having a love for
boats Clem and a friend decided to check out the races.  It didn’t take long to track
down a couple of Aqua Craft hulls and an engine from Astronauts Gus Grissom and
Gordon Cooper.  By 1966, they were ready to conquer the racing scene, with the boat
on a trailer and a station wagon loaded with equipment.  Clem drove the boat to many
wins until 1982 when he turned all the skills of competitive driving over to the oldest
of three sons, Bernie.  Approximately this same year, sons, Thomas and Bobby
became interested in Car Racing, racing at the Houston International Park, in League
City, on the Gulf Freeway.  Much closer event to their house.  

Along the years, Clem was one of the founding fathers of SDBA (Southern Drag Boat
Association), an Officer on the Board for the Houston Boat Racing Association, and
Mary Helen serving as Secretary, raising three sons, along with full time jobs, they
were helping promote boat racing.  In Houston they would take a day to set up the
course, work races, Clem would hop in the boat to make his run, go back to see the
race schedule was going smoothly.  The day after the races, equipment and course
were dismantled, put in storage until the next race.  In January 1999 Clem was
inducted into the SDBA Hall of Fame.  

Today, you will see the Moondust Racing Team with an enclosed trailer loaded with
Boat or cars, computer, equipment and 500 CI engines being towed by a Diesel Four-
Door Dully pickup truck and a crew still willing and ready.  

On weekends when there is not a boat race, you will see the Iven family at Houston
Raceway Park, Angleton Raceway or Sealy observing Bobby, Thomas or Brittany
racing in the Bracket Racing Series.  Thomas and Bobby both have been very
competitive in their No Electronics Foot Brake class, finishing in the top ten from a
class of forty-five to sixty-five cars.  At the end of each race season, they have earned
their spot at the Summit Nationals in Ennis, Texas.  2005 season came to a close, with
Thomas finishing second out of a class of 162 cars, from several other race tracks
throughout Texas.

Brittany also earned a spot at the IHRA team finals in San Antonio with team Angleton
Raceway.  This was her first year racing and she went.  Brittany started racing at the
age of 10 and is the daughter of Thomas and his wife Shannon.  She is doing great.  
Truly in the blood she is a natural.

Clem continues to work at the NASA Johnson Space Center as a Project Manager in
the Astronaut Training Division.  Bernie and Thomas are employed by Oceaneering
Space Operations and Bobby is with Jacobs Sverdrup Engineering, all under
contracts to NASA.

Stay tuned as we continue to bring current information and new pictures as we
pursue the goal and dream of the drag racing game and mostly to enjoy the sport that
we truly call The Iven Family Adventure….        The Iven’s
It's all about family, they say it
starts with roots and branches out
into a tree, well ours is full and
will continue to grow.