Then it was Christmas at the Iven's, it was great.
Clem, Mary Helen, Bernie, Dawn, Cody, Michael,
David and Sammy (his Girl) Brittany, Brendan, Katy
(Daniel's Wife) and Tristan The first great
grandchild were all present.  It was great, what
Christmas is all about.
Christmas morning at our
Then to the Duckworth's to end the day. Chuck, Diane, Jeff (my bro) Billy
(my bro's finance'), Thomas, Shannon, Brittany, Brendan, Jeffrey, Cody,
Matthew and Nicholas were all there. Oh my gosh we had such a great
time.  I has been a long time since we laughed so hard, well I guess me
singing would make anyone laugh.   
My brother Jeff,
Me, Diane (my
mom) and Chuck
(my dad)
My brother Jeff's
family from left
Jeffrey, Cody,
Matthew, Jeff,
Nicholas and